2Toms StinkFree Spray Shoe Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator Spray Removes Stink Caused by Sweat in Gear & Shoes 8 Ounce Bottle


2Toms StinkFree Spray is a shoe deodorizer spray that eliminates the stink in shoes and gear. This Stink Free shoe and gear spray odor eliminator is unscented perfume-free and guaranteed to remove pesky persistent odors caused by sweat left in shoes boots gear gym bags pads and guards gloves and you name it! This sneaker deodorizer spray contains an advanced formula that cleans the pores that trap odors. This spray for smelly shoes is easy and safe to use on canvas leather satin denim shoes work boots dance shoes sandals gym bags hockey and football pads shin guards ski boots boot bags gloves motorcycle gear and anything else that smells. For the initial treatment spray 2 or 3 times daily until the odor is eliminated. Allow time to dry. For the best results repeat treatment 2 to 3 times per week. Individual needs may vary. The 2Toms StinkFree Spray shoe odor eliminator spray destroys smelly odors and sweat in all your athletic and leisurely everyday apparel. Made in the U.S.A.

Pickup available at 1005 N. Bethlehem Pike

Usually ready in 2-4 days